Mr. Canary’s “Very Important Peeps” (VIPs) for January

So, we missed something in the holiday shuffle- assigning a December “Employee of the Month”! We had a scheduling issue, and before we knew it December came and went without a winner. We genuinely feel awful, so please accept our mea culpa!

In an effort to make things right, we have not one, but TWO “Employees of the Month” for January! First, meet Martin. This video will help you get to know him:

In case you missed it, Martin helps to produce our Original 8oz Nyjer Tube Feeder- that cute one with the yellow-cap at the top found in over 3,000 Walmart stores, coast-to-coast! And, Martin is a big fan of barbeque, so you know he is good people!

Our second “Employee of the Month” for January is Joey! Joey preferred to share off-camera, so let me catch you up:

Joey has been working for Mr. Canary® for over 3 years now, and his favorite Mr. Canary® jobs are filling feeders with Nyjer seed and adding perches to our tube feeders. When asked how he felt about his work, Joey said, “I love job and getting this paycheck.” In his free time, Joey enjoys shopping at Walmart AND he is a big TV fan. “Dukes of Hazzard” is his all-time favorite!

Turning the calendar into 2020 was another poignant reminder of how lucky and grateful we here at Mr. Canary® are to have such amazing partners as Martin, Joey, and the entire team of MainStreet Enterprises at the Arc of Greater Boone County! Here is to 2020 being a great year!

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: January 17, 2020