Not Your Grandma’s Birdfeeders

Actually, that's not exactly true. Of course, our bird feeders are for your grandma but the point we're making is that bird feeding isn’t only for 'Grandma.' Feeding birds is a multi-generational activity to be shared with your family. Little kids like it, their parents like it, and we even have evidence that those elusive millennials like it, too. Why? Feeding birds is an easy and accessible way for us to connect with Nature; and, studies consistently show that interacting with nature makes us feel better physically and psychologically. It's something savvy grandparents have known for years, but it doesn't mean they own the hobby. They're just smart enough to understand that while birds get some food, it's people who get the real nourishment. Move over, Grandma, we're onto your secret.

The Amazing

Peeps Who Build Our Bird Feeders

Mr. Canary® Company celebrates the intrinsic value of work. Since 1995 we've leveraged innovative community partnerships to provide employment opportunities for workers with physical and intellectual disabilities; in return, they have given us top-quality finished products. All Mr. Canary® products are sourced, assembled, packaged, and shipped by workers at The Arc of Greater Boone County in Lebanon, Indiana, an organization that offers programs and training to help people reach their potential.

The Peep Show

Show us your peeps! Tag us on social media @mrcanaryco or #mrcanarypeepshow so we can see what birds are in your backyard.

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