Calm Taking time to stay in one place and focus your eyes towards the nature “happening” outside the window is a quick mental rest… until your phone buzzes again and jolts you back into techno-life. Still, that momentary respite, improves your life.

Intergenerational Bonding When asked "why did you start feeding birds?" it's surprising how many answers start with, "My grandmother/grandfather used to have a bird feeder at their house..." Some pretty cool memories are made in those small moments of sharing simple pleasures. Just sayin.

Learning What begins with noticing different birds’ colors, grows into knowing individual birds by their subtle markings and their not-so-subtle attitudes. This enhances your observation skills which pay off when you start noticing other stuff, like your wife’s new hairstyles.

Upbeat Mood Bird feeding can thwart mid-winter blues. Even small doses of nature can be the little bit of Spring needed to lift our spirits. Think of it as a non-prescription anti-depressant.

Mindfulness  When you notice birds, you also begin noticing trees, flowers, squirrels, clouds, and that neighbor whose leaf-blower you still need to return.

Be happier.
Be calmer.
Be better.
Be a birder.

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