How it Works

After purchasing a Mr. Canary Direct-ers subscription package, your first batch of 'Bird & Breakfast' 'En-Trays' will be shipped to your door.

If you haven't already, hang your Mr. Canary 'Bird & Breakfast' (and a fresh 'En-Tray' of course) somewhere you can easily view and enjoy it. After your neighborhood birds have devoured that 'En-Tray', simply toss it in the recycling bin and install a fresh 'En-Tray'.

About the time you run out of 'En-Trays', a fresh shipment should be on its way, because you’ll be setup for automatic deliveries. You can cancel at any time, but when it is this easy, will you really want to?! Maintaining your subscription is easy- just sign into your account (created by you during checkout), go to the "My Account" button at the top-right of the home page, and adjust your subscription-preferences from there!

Mr. Canary Direct Packages

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While we have simple, convenient Mr. Canary Direct-ers plans that will save you from having to write "bird seed" on your shopping list ever again, you have the option to try us out first. Go ahead and click over to our products page and see what else we have to offer!