It ALL Started When...

Mitchell Marketing Group, dba The Mr. Canary® Company, incorporated in January 1995. Sisters, Jan Long and Christina Mowery started the company selling The Original Mr. Canary® Finch Feeder that was developed by their Dad, Ray Mitchell. In 2012, Chris retired and now Jan maintains the 100%, Woman-Owned business. Chris, always the big sister, remains just a speed-dial away for emergency help and general moral support.

From 1995 until early 2016, a subcontracted workforce at Carey Services, a community service agency in the Mitchell sisters’ hometown of Marion, Indiana, handled all production. Under the watchful eyes of Richard Tait and Pam Brown, Carey provided all sourcing, assembly, packaging, and shipping of Mr. Canary products as part of its many support options for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Today, the spirit of that legacy lives on in Mr. Canary Company’s partnership with The Arc of Greater Boone County in Lebanon, Indiana. Pam Verbarg and Tracy Autrey spearhead this exciting, mutually-beneficial and joyful enterprise focusing on shared growth that helps each organization attain individual and mutual goals.

The Mr. Canary® Company operates with a clear aim; to run a business that makes quality products and a little difference in the community. Our business model challenges stereotypes, marries enterprise to social responsibility, and maintains a profitable bottom line. Our partnership demonstrates the potential of work to ignite achievement. In a highly imported industry, and with the of exceptions of Nyjer seed and the sock feeder textile (which must be imported), all parts of Mr. Canary feeders have always been made in the U.S.A from recycled and recyclable material.

Oh, and one other thing

Mr. Canary is a 100% Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), certified by the State of Indiana. Even though Chris and Jan were certain they’d get certified, it took a mountain of paperwork that included every kind of supporting evidence (except pap smears and breast exams) to convince the skeptics at the Capital. As Jan says, “Finally, in 2003, Indiana recognized us as women… who own a business. So, we’ve got that going for us!”

Currently, our company is in the process of acquiring national certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Jan now says, “I had to supply WBENC every document sent to our state and MORE!” Though Indiana conceded, Jan is on pins and needles to find out if, at a national level, she can be considered a woman, who owns a business. Though after twenty-three years it’s hard to imagine who else they could pin ownership on, when it comes to certification, the women of WBENC are Due Diligence Ninjas. Story developing…


The Amazing

Peeps Who Build Our Bird Feeders

Mr. Canary® Company believes in the goodness of work. Since 1995, we have offered dignified work opportunities to people with physical and intellectual disabilities. In return, they have given us quality finished products. Mr. Canary® products are sourced, assembled, packaged, and shipped through a mutually-beneficial partnership with The Arc of Greater Boone County in Lebanon, Indiana. The Arc is a community organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities maximize their potential.


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