The Mr. Canary® Company Believes in the Power and Grace of Work


Much more than a paycheck, our feelings of confidence, independence and self-sufficiency are all wrapped up in work. It gives us a way of contributing to the common good, something we’re all here to do.

Since 1995, our products have been produced by American workers with physical and intellectual disabilities. What is today known as a ‘social enterprise,’ was just a good business decision back when we started. It’s the foundation of our company and the cornerstone of an interdependent partnership that helps each organization reach their goals.

In contrast to the more typical social enterprise, ours isn’t built on charitable donations. Our model differs in that what we ‘give’ is respectable work opportunities to those who desire it, but have extraordinary difficulty finding it.

Disability touches most families in some way. Whether physical or emotional, permanent or temporary; whether you’re born with one or come home from a tour of duty with one, disabilities are a part of life. Regardless if some of us need a little more time to do our work…or medication…or extra breaks in the workday, we all want to contribute.

By pooling our resources, The Mr. Canary Company and The Arc of Greater Boone County in Lebanon, Indiana help each other be successful. We believe individuals and communities are stronger when we encourage endeavor that allows each of us to contribute what we can, as we can.

The uncommonly dedicated leadership, from the Arc’s front-line support staff to their Board of Directors, makes our partnership a hardworking, mutually beneficial and truly joyful experience.

Workingtogether…propels each of us toward our goals; and in the bargain, draws us closer together as human beings.

It’s the not just a social enterprise; it’s the Ultimate Enterprise.