The Early Bird?

We are all familiar with the phrase, “The early bird catches the worm.” While that’s often the case, frankly, the American Goldfinch couldn’t care less. For one, goldfinches are committed vegetarians. They’d much rather have Nyjer seed than overrated worms. Being too late to catch the worm (or not caring to) makes the goldfinch late for another appointment: nesting! According to Cornell University’s Lab of Ornothology, the American Goldfinch also gets around to nesting and mating much later than almost every other bird native to North America. Some may say that the goldfinch is being “fashionably late” given its flashy get-up, but the truth is that goldfinches wait for “proper” nesting materials. Since many of those materials, like Nyjer, thistle and milkweed fibers, aren’t available until June or even July, goldfinches only reproduce once per year.

Good to know, but how does this involve you? Well, the Mr. Canary Company believes in building. Whether its building our community, a healthy environment for birding or building relationships with our spectacular customers, we are a general contractor of sorts. Goldfinches will eat the Nyjer seeds in your Mr. Canary feeder and often take the shells home for the nest. By using our products, you’ll help provide not only a meal, but also the building blocks that American Goldfinches need to get their families started! Did I mention that you don’t even pay extra for this little perk that may lead to your yard playing host to a nesting pair of goldfinches?

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: October 4, 2013