Mom, Mom, MOMMM!

Time to celebrate her. Sunday, May 10th, 2020, is an ordinary Mother’s Day in an EXTRAordinary year. ‘Traditional’ is out the window, which means you might need an idea for a great gift. So…

The Bird & Breakfast bird feeder is the perfect gift for a lot of reasons but here are three GREAT ones:

First, seeing birds on a feeder is a stress reliever. It shifts our focus to Nature, the Wonder Drug for Overall Well-being. The smallest brush with Nature makes us feel less anxious and lifts our spirits. As self-care, a day at the spa is no match for Nature, even from a window. And btw, do you think it’s just a coincidence the term we use to describe this powerful force of strength and renewal is MOTHER Nature?

Second, if you give someone a gift that requires a lot of extra work, is it really a GIFT? We invented the Bird & Breakfast to address that issue. It’s why the B&B is a COMPLETE gift – EVERYthing you need in one package. Unseal the Eń-tray, Slide it in the feeder, Hang it.

But you know what’s even BETTER? That’s all the work it EVER requires! When the Eń-Tray is empty, drop it in a recycle bin and slide in a new one. Forget cleaning supplies, heavy bags, scoops, funnels…just a tray of clean, fresh, PREMIUM seed. Honestly, if it was any easier, we’d have to deliver it to you. Oh, WAIT – we DO. Refill Eń-Trays available via Amazon Prime, ANYtime.

Third, is our ‘Everyday Bonus.’ Each one of our bird feeders is built in America by our team of self-described ‘badasses’ who deliver excellent products despite challenging disabilities. Our 25-year partnership is the heart of our company. Together, a for-profit business and a not-for-profit agency leverage WORK to achieve our goals; an extra spark that elevates great products to satisfying purchases.

One last thing, remember when I said this year ‘Traditional’ was out the window? I’m revising that. A bird feeder is heartwarmingly traditional; adding our proprietary ‘Chore Remover’ makes the Bird & Breakfast a real GIFT, too.

Click here to buy a ‘Bird & Breakfast’ on Amazon!

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Author: Jan Long

Published: May 5, 2020