COVID Date Night

This image made me think of my husband, whom I adore.

About a month into Covid Hibernation, I lost my mind.

In a moment of clarity, I snapped out of my spandex-haze and noticed that the only difference between our daytime clothes and pajamas was that one wardrobe may have had slightly less elastic. Maybe.

I was stunned. What in the world happened to us?! A month earlier we were real people going to work meetings and dining out in public and then suddenly we were the ultimate Glamour Don’ts.

“I know things are in flux, we miss our family, we’re worried about our national health and the economy but ARE WE JUST GIVING UP ENTIRELY?!” I demanded.

This was not Chris’ first rodeo. We’ve been married aWHILE; he’s an experienced rider, so to speak. And that is why he quickly answered, “Of course not! What do you want to do?”

That’s when I laid out a plan of weekly Date Night requirements.

Dress code: must include buttons and/or zippers
Ambiance (candle?)
No TV or phone
Cloth napkins
Good wine
Great playlist

We also make dinner together, which, may be cheese and crackers. Or carryout pizza. (It’s Date Night, not Culinary Greatness Night).

We listened to music for hours, recounted our favorite John Prine lyrics, remembered his concerts, mourned our loss. We made summer plans and additions to our running list of Things We’ll Do if We Win the Lottery. Ran out of wine.

So back to the image, why does it remind me of Chris?

On our First Covid Date, he wore a blue shirt I’d gotten him months earlier. He said, “you told me you liked this color on me.”

You know, I think what makes a date great is any little extra put into ordinary moments. The extra here? Intention. Nothing about it took more work, added cost, or was hard to do. We just showed up with good intent; and MY date wore a handsome blue shirt.

Here’s the math: EXTRA (intention) + ORDINARY (moment) = ExtraOrdinary (memories).

Here’s my review: 5 STARS, Highly recommend.
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Author: Nathan Odell

Published: May 21, 2020