September 2020 Mr. Canary ‘Employee of the Month’

So you might have heard- COVID-19 has derailed a lot of things since spring. One of them was our “Employee of the Month” spotlight. In the early days of COVID, as we were all learning proper disease prevention protocols, we decided it was best to avoid unnecessary in-person contact- like these Employee of the Month interviews. Now, we are proud to bring back this important part of honoring the incredible people who continue to make our business successful!

Introducing Christopher, our September 2020 Mr. Canary® Company “Employee of the Month!” Christopher was an integral part of our team this “busy season”, making sure we kept pace as demand for at-home pleasures like bird feeding soared!

Christopher can be found on any given workday filling our finch feeders with Nyjer seed, building those cute shelf-display cartons you see at your local Walmart, or placing those yellow top-caps that have become part of our Original Finch Feeder’s “iconic” look! Of all these jobs Christopher does so well, his personal favorite is applying top-caps.

Outside of work, Christopher enjoys making friends. He also made sure to sneak in a “plug” for the great support staff at The Arc of Greater Boone County. Christopher said he “loves working with the staff!”

Congratulations, Christopher, and thanks again to our whole team at The Arc for helping us through a busy-season unlike any other!

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: September 16, 2020