Top Ten Birdfeeding Tips

Use these ten simple steps to enhance your wild bird feeding experience.

1. Bird feeding is for people who love watching birds – Always place your bird feeders in places where you can readily and frequently see the birds you are feeding.

2. Start with the basics – Black-oil sunflower in a tubular feeder is a very effective combination for attracting a large number of birds to your yard.

3. Attract more species by adding additional types of feeders and seed – Try Nyjer® in a tube feeder, and mixtures of black-oil sunflower, hulled sunflower, and whole peanuts in hopper and platform feeders.

4. Don’t forget about alternative foods and water -Suet, fruits, mealworms, nectar and water may attract species of birds not found at traditional offerings.

5. The bird species in your yard change with season of the year – The birds visiting your feeders in summer may be very different than those in winter.  Provide the feeders and food best suited to your seasonal suite of birds.

6. Make your yard bird-friendly – Provide birds with habitat, food, water, and nest boxes so birds will use your yard year-round.  Garden bird feeders near larger trees and shrubs often have more bird visits.

7. Keep the birds safe – Reduce window collisions, keep birds safe from outdoor cats, and clean your feeders.  Move feeders to within 3 feet of windows, remove hiding places of cats, and keep feeders free of debris and filled only with seeds birds will eat.

8. Use binoculars and a backyard bird guide to learn more about your birds – Learning more about feeding birds by using the tools of the birdwatcher provides you with a greater appreciation for your feathered friends.

9. Take your hobby to the next level – Explore your local, state, and national parks and refuges.  You will see bird species you can’t see in your yard.

10. Enjoy feeding the birds! – Contact the NBFS anytime you have questions about bird feeding or for assistance in enhancing your bird feeding experience!

Source: National Bird-Feeding Society


Author: Nathan Odell

Published: May 4, 2013