2020: It Doesn’t Care WHAT You Think Comes Next.

This was in my Inbox a couple of days ago, I keep thinking about it.

If this year had a tagline, I think it might be a variation of the idea, like,  

“2020: It Doesn’t Care WHAT You Think Comes Next.”

It started well enough, a new year, a new decade, nothing but POTENTIAL! But the last thing I remember that felt like part of ‘My Plans’ was a weekend getaway at the end of February to celebrate a birthday. Then the wheels came off. By the end of March, a family friend was on a ventilator battling COVID.

From then until now, it feels like everything we usually do in a year requires re-thinking, modifications, postponements, and cancellations. It’s been a year of Plans Gone Bad.

And yet, in the future, it won’t be surprising if 2020 emerges as one of the most creative, innovative, energized times in our world’s evolution. We’re learning so much, adapting so quickly, and making changes that could have taken years without something pushing us to the brink.

And, as is always the case, the ideas we form about the challenges and opportunities forced on us this year depends on where we focus our attention. We can be run over by despair from the tragedies or buoyed by this unexpected and extraordinary chance we’ve been dealt to make things way better… way faster.

Video evidence abounds of the astonishing lengths people are going to for each other. So much helping, cheering, feeding, standing-in-solidarity-with, that’s where our focus can be most powerful.

The thing to remember is living things need sun AND rain to grow; we have ‘em both, everywhere you look.

In fact, if we’re not very careful, we might end up flourishing.

Artistic Prose by Kai Skye

You can find more of Kai Skye’s work at https://flyingedna.com/

Author: Jan Long

Published: August 14, 2020