Mr. Canary’s Very Important Peep for November

Everyone at Mr. Canary® and MainStreet Enterprises at The Arc of Greater Boone County would like to congratulate Lizzy on her recognition as Mr. Canary’s Very Important Peep (VIP) for the month of November! We recently interviewed Lizzy to learn more about her tweet life, so be sure to check out the video of our interview.

Our Social Mission: Lizzy’s instrumental role producing Mr. Canary bird feeders

Through our innovative partnership with The Arc of Greater Boone County, Mr. Canary has been successful at realizing our social mission. Our company could not deliver quality products without our awesome peeps from The Arc of Greater Boone County who make our products. Mr. Canary’s COO, Nathaniel, set out to learn all about our November VIP, Lizzy. Lizzy has been working at The Arc of Greater Boone County for three years now. Lizzy is responsible for labeling our tube finch feeders and putting on the sleeve- packaging for all of Mr. Canary’s finch feeders. Lizzy’s favorite part of her job is placing the labels on the finch feeders because it is a fast-paced task. Fun fact, Lizzy puts on about 500 labels per day! Outside of work, Lizzy enjoys listening to music and writing stories. Stay tuned and you might just find one of Lizzy’s stories in our blog, The Bird Feed.


Lizzy is just one of the many amazing people that help us create the quality Mr. Canary bird feeders you know and love. Learn more about the peeps who make our bird feeders and buy your bird feeder with Lizzy’s label on Amazon.

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: November 14, 2019