Choose Wisely

Re-opening is causing a great deal of apprehension, from all life’s stakeholders. Businesses large and small have SO many things to consider in attempting to balance conscientiousness with courage. The logistics, alone, can make the whole process seem overwhelming.

OR…it can propel us.

A book I read recently put forward this simple mantra to consider in the face of obstacles: “I CAN DO Hard Things.”

In big and small ways, EVERYday, we determine our options and make choices. Some are the best from a list of bad ones, some break our heart, some set us free; but each one strengthens us for the next one.

We can be frozen by fear, or lit up by inspiration, but always it begins with a decision. So, as parents throughout time have advised us: “Choose wisely.” #reopenedforbusiness #mrcanary

Author: Jan Long

Published: May 21, 2020