Drunk Yoga

A few days ago, I received an email encouraging me to consider a rejuvenating retreat this winter, in Cancun, Mexico.

During the Mid-west PermaCloud Season, January usually feels like TEN weeks, not four; so a retreat anywhere piqued my interest.

But the lure of a few days on a beach with Drunk Yoga AND Astrology? Well, THAT power duo made clicking the link compulsory.What I found in my offer was an opportunity to participate in a vacation-like getaway that emphasizes mental and emotional self-care and meditation, PLUS drunk yoga and astrology.

The creator of Drunk Yoga, Eli Walker, collaborated with Cheap Caribbean to launch a new getaway called “New Year, Do You Retreat.”

In a nutshell, the retreat is a way to jump-start new habits, if those are habits you’ve been meaning to begin.

Let’s assume it’s an amusing premise to ease your New Year Resolutions into a 2020 Habit Overhaul. Optimal wellbeing requires both outer (yoga) AND inner (meditation) self-care so it’s like a lite boot camp for incorporating both (and astrology) into your life. With a cocktail bonus feature!

Mr Canary is ALL about doing things that make you healthier and happier. But, if you prefer something with less of a commitment and without an $899 price tag, try a bird feeder.

Why? Feeding birds connects you to nature and other people.

Nature is a wonder drug for physical and mental wellbeing, and connections with people also develop our happy feelings. Since almost everybody who feeds birds started because of a ‘significant other,’ it’s another reason it makes us happy.

And if you’re thinking a bird feeder sounds compelling but requires too much work, check out our Bird & Breakfast. It’s so simple and convenient you can have those good feeling connections and boosts to your wellness program, delivered right to your door.

OR…grab your credit card, yoga mat, and a beverage because whatEVER your resolutions, make this the year you embrace them!

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: January 31, 2020