Do the Math! Repurposing Saves!

After the neighborhood birds had extracted every last seed of thistle possible from my bird feeder, I took it down. Instead of recycling it, I cleaned it up and set it on the counter as a piggy bank. In all honesty, a friend had gifted me a piggy bank for Christmas a couple of years back, so I didn’t necessarily need another, but I wanted to try this out. Well, as usual, the Mr. Canary feeder performed its task well!

A quarter here, multiple pennies there (why is it there are always more pennies than quarters in a pocket?) and the tube started to fill. By the time I couldn’t fit another dime into it, I had accumulated 97 quarters, 63 dimes, 33 nickels, and 268 pennies. That’s a grand total of $34.88! So rather than tossing your Mr. Canary® tube feeder, save it, save resources, and save some coin!

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: March 4, 2013