Mr. Canary’s Very Important Peep for September

Terry is Mr. Canary's September VIP

Everyone at Mr. Canary® and MainStreet Enterprises at The Arc of Greater Boone County would like to congratulate Terry on being awarded with Mr. Canary’s Very Important Peep (VIP) for the month of September!

Our Peeps are Instrumental to the Creation of our Bird Feeders

Mr. Canary’s COO, Nathaniel, set out to learn all about Terry and what makes his job of assembling Mr. Canary bird feeders tweet. Terry has been actively involved with The Arc of Greater Boone County for 7 years now and has been assembling our quality bird feeders for nearly three years. Terry’s focus in the assembling process is on our classic tube bird feeders. Terry is the go-to person who ensures the perch is securely attached to the side of each tube. When Terry isn’t busy providing quality bird feeders to our birders, he’s probably shopping with his niece. Terry loves to spend as much time as possible with his niece.

Terry is one of the many amazing people that helps us create the Mr. Canary bird feeders you know and love. Buy one of our tube feeders that Terry and others create and learn more about the peeps behind our bird feeders.

Author: Jan Long

Published: September 26, 2019