Mr. Canary Celebrates the Fourth of July by Donating to the Semper Fi Fund

The father of Mr. Canary's CEO, Jan Long, serving in WWII.

Happy Bird Day America

You may wonder how in the world I can link a bird feeder company to The 4th of July.

Admittedly, on face value, it seems like a ploy. But, if there’s one thing Mr. Canary has an indisputable connection to, it’s the United States Marine Corps, and nothing is more connected to American Independence than our military.

My Dad, Ray Mitchell, is the official ‘Mr.’ of the Mr. Canary Company. He named the Original Mr. Canary Finch Feeder when he developed it back in the mid-80’s.

Dad was a Greatest Generation guy, with all the best connotations that title bestows. He was a big-hearted, funny, strong, gentleman. His default face was a smile, he loved sports and was a worthy opponent in any competitive endeavor because bringing his best was just how Dad rolled.

He was outdoorsy.  He explored fields and woods and lakes like he was getting paid for it, all the while learning which plants would give you a rash and which ones you could eat on the spot; the best places to catch bluegill, and that black-capped chickadees and pine siskins don’t migrate in the Winter. Indeed, he was a personification of the term ‘nature lover.’

In 1943, one of the most significant influences on his life occurred. My grandfather had refused to sign for Dad to enlist before he turned 18, so on his birthday in August that year, Ray Mitchell became a United States Marine and entered WWII.

As you’d expect, Marines hold a special place in the hearts of everyone in my family and it’s that personal link which motivates my support of the Semper Fi Fund. An exemplary organization, it uplifts our veterans, and their families, with financial assistance, adaptive equipment, caregiver retreats – all delivered with extraordinary compassion.

So, consider this: what if we all reduced our firework purchases this 4th of July by $10 and instead donated that money to this outstanding organization?

Together, we’d help the Semper Fi Fund improve the lives of people who preserve our rights to remain a rowdy family of independent thinkers and dreamers who love this country. Think of it: we could light up a single night AND the lives of heroes we thank…for so many reasons we celebrate.

Join us in celebrating the Fourth of July by donating to the Semper Fi Fund today and learn more about who we are at Mr. Canary.

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: July 3, 2019