Mr. Canary® Repurposed Dog Food Container

We at the Mr. Canary® Company are invested in many different things. Like most birders, we care about nature and sustainability. We are even ‘pet-people’, dogs specifically. That’s why we want to share this idea with you!  How can you take care of nature, our natural resources and your pet all at the same time? Try repurposing the Original Mr. Canary® Finch Feeder into a pet food container, perfect for traveling!

My dog Buster is a pretty relaxed guy; he’s very low maintenance. One thing he is very adamant about is eating daily, and that doesn’t change when we are away from home. Whether you’re going camping and bringing your pet along, or if your furry friend is staying with a loved one for a few days, this repurposed feeder can continue to nourish your favorite animals.

Buster is a six year old Shiba Inu mix, and he weighs 45lbs. One repurposed Original Mr. Canary® Finch Feeder filled with his favorite food is a perfect one-day helping. Smaller dogs and yes, cats too, can enjoy multiple days of food in a convenient, eco-friendly container that’s easy for their owners to carry. For those of you who have a bigger dog, I’d recommend buying multiple feeders at a store near you to accommodate your XL sized pet’s appetite! So the next time you’re about to recycle your Mr. Canary feeder, why not empty the remaining thistle seed, clean it and save it back for the next family (and pet!) vacation?

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: February 1, 2013