The Gift She Won’t Just Like, the One She’ll Remember

Cardinal Bird Feeding

To give Mom (one of the most difficult people to shop for EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.) a good gift, make it memorable. My recommendation: The Bird & Breakfast, a ‘revolutionary’ new bird feeder.

(WAIT, WAIT! – Before you click away because it doesn’t seem like a bird feeder would ‘fit’ your mom, trust me for a minute and keep reading. You may be surprised).


It’s not about the birds.

Oh, they’re eye-catching and happy beneficiaries to be sure, but the activity itself? That’s ALL about PEOPLE.

One reason I know this is because I’ve been in this business for 25 years, and EVERY year, just about the time the birds could truly use our help finding food (i.e. Winter) sales of bird feeders drop off precipitously.

Why? Because traditional bird feeders require maintenance that’s difficult to manage in the cold, wet, icy winter months.

Then with the equal predictability, at the first sign of Spring’s blossoms and new plant growth, – when NATURAL bird food is most plentiful – bird feeder sales see their familiar Spring Spike. In other words, it’s exactly opposite of the way to feed birds if it really was all about THEM. So, nope, it’s not that everyone who has a feeder is a bird lover; most of us are bird like-ers.

The truth is, whether we’re aware or not, feeding birds is about two things:

A connection with important PEOPLE in our lives;

A profound and biological need to be part of the natural world.

In recent years, many studies (easily Google-able) demonstrate over and over how even the smallest interaction with nature is beneficial for our physical and emotional wellness.

They show us that even when we CAN’T get outside, observing LIVING things through a window has a positive impact on our well-being. Over time these contacts with nature help us:

    • Reduce stress
    • Feel calmer
    • Improve mood
    • Become more mindful

But those aren’t even the best reason a bird feeder is a uniquely thoughtful gift; it’s the generational connection this gift sparks that makes it something special.

Almost EVERYone who feeds birds attribute their start to a family member or close friend. And I can add, unscientifically, that over 25 years and the tons of calls, letters, and, exactly ONE person said that “one day [he] just decided to get a bird feeder.” Literally EVERY other Why -I-Started-Feeding-Birds story (and we’ve heard a LOT of ‘em) begins with a memory of someone close to their heart.

THAT, in a nutshell, is why the suggestion of a bird feeder makes sense for your Mom, EVEN if she doesn’t seem like a bird gal. It’ll create a special connection between the two of you that will very likely be passed on to your kid, or spouse, or friend.

The simple pleasure comes from the fact that it’s a gift that shares ‘life.’ And life is always changing. The seasons and species, times of the day, outside conditions, it’s a constantly evolving environment that catches your attention with different colors, varying shapes and crazy sounds.

Even if you don’t think birds seem interesting, I can tell you it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to catch a glimpse of one on your feeder outside your window and not stop for a second to ‘look up.’ And that’s when the magic of feeding birds.

But since this is a gift (and who wants one that comes with CHORES?), I recommend our Bird & Breakfast; here’s why:

    • It’s the only platform feeder* that comes assembled, in a cute package and is complete with everything needed to hang immediately.
    • It does NOT require extra equipment (e.g.scoops, funnels, seed storage bin, etc) to use.
    • NO cleaning required! Fresh refill trays keep it healthier for birds and WAY easier for people. The sturdy feeder will last for years, in any season.
    • It comes with four ‘EveryBirdy Loves It‘ seed blend Eń-Trays. And, just like TV dinners, you can extend the shelf-life by keeping them in the freezer.

I started this business with my sister in 1995, selling a bird feeder our Dad invented. All our products are built in Lebanon, Indiana in partnership with The Arc of Greater Boone County.

The Arc is a community agency that, among other services, finds work for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Our self-described team of “badasses gettin’ the job done” would inspire anyone!

Ours is a remarkable partnership that leverages WORK, not charity, to help each other reach our goals; and it’s our proudest achievement.

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*Platform feeders are the most popular bird feeder type; they attract lots of different birds with less obstructed views.

For more information about nature’s benefits:;;