Cardinal Bird Feeding

 Gift Idea for Seniors Living in a Nursing Home

It’s almost a stereotype: “The elderly LOVE to feed birds!” And, if you drive by any nursing home, you are almost guaranteed to see a lot of bird feeders. EMPTY bird feeders. SO, if seniors love to feed birds, then WHY are their feeders empty so often???

Whether You are 35 or 85, You are Expected to Feed Birds The Same Way…

Whether you are 35 years old or 85 years old, you have to drive to the store to get bird feeding supplies. No matter your age, you have no choice but to lug a big, bulky bag of bird seed home. No matter your age, you have no choice but to find space for a plastic storage tote to store that big bag of seed (unless you want to tempt fate with a rodent infestation.) No matter your age, you have no choice but to buy a funnel or a scoop so you don’t spill seed. No matter your age, you have no choice but to scrub and clean your bird feeder on a regular basis, otherwise your birds could be spreading disease to each other just by visiting your feeder…On. And on. And on it goes.


The many, messy implements of traditional bird feeding

Well, those of us here at Mr. Canary Company have changed that! Our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder was designed from it’s beginning to make bird feeding easier for seniors. Two utility patents later, the US Patent Office has acknowledged that we’ve found a novel solution! Here is how we do it: “TV-Dinners for Birds!” We call them ‘En-Trays’.

Bird & Breakfast Bird Seed

That’s it. That’s the missing piece of the puzzle. These ingenious single use, seed-filled trays mean that birds come, they eat, they poop (we’re friends, so we can speak frankly) and they leave an empty En-Tray behind. Instead of lugging out the storage tote, funnel, scoop, and the big, bulky bag of bird seed AND the mop bucket, the soap, the bleach, and the gloves…All you need is a fresh, sealed En-Tray! Which, by the way, weighs less than 2lbs.

To refill and “clean” our revolutionary bird feeder: unseal a fresh En-Tray. Use the plastic film as a glove to grab the empty En-Tray out of the feeder. Toss the empty tray in the recycling-bin. Hold the bottom of the feeder as you slide the fresh En-Tray into the feeder.

ALL DONE! And, in a fraction of the time  that a conventional bird feeder requires.

Let Amazon Deliver Your Gift Directly To Your Loved One At Their Nursing Home!

How could we make this new “method” of bird feeding any more perfect for seniors living in nursing home communities? -make it available on Amazon Prime! We are proud to deliver our revolutionary Bird & Breakfast bird feeder AND it’s lightweight refill trays directly to any home or nursing home where it can bring some joy! Happy Gifting!

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Check out this video showing just how simple the Bird & Breakfast really is!

Proudly made by “Bad-asses Getting the Job Done” at The Arc of Greater Boone County in Lebanon, Indiana!

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