Christina Mowery

Chris Mowery (left) and sister, Jan Long, started the Mitchell Marketing Group, Inc, dba, The Mr. Canary Company in 1995. With no clear goal except hanging around together and making some cash for the mall, they began a wild ride of business ownership that landed them in a national superstore before they actually had a product. Well, they had a product…they just didn’t own it. Or know how to make it. Or virtually anything else about it, the industry, or running a business; they were, in other words, “like many entrepreneurs.” Chris managed logistics and customer service among other duties. She was renown for sitting down with a cup a coffee, her phone and a list of customers to call; next thing you know, the customers would be inviting her to “drop by if [you’re] ever in Vermont.” Although she officially retired in 2012, Chris remains on Speed Dial for advice and general Big Sister Collaboration. She also manages state seed registrations for our products, too.

Author: Nathan Odell

Published: October 29, 2017