Cardinal Bird Feeding

All of the Perks, With None of the Chores

We know the REAL reason people feed birds is for the little “pick-me-up” those birdies provide. If you enjoy taking pictures of backyard wildlife, then you really can’t do without a backyard bird feeder. We all need more opportunities to reconnect with nature, and a bird feeder is an awesome tool for providing that.

But if there was a way to get the benefits of feeding birds WITHOUT the labor-intensive maintenance, you’d be all over that, wouldn’t you? Let us introduce you to the Mr. Canary Bird & Breakfast bird feeder!

We redesigned the bird feeder to give you all of the benefits and enjoyment, WITHOUT all of the maintenance chores! Here are the top 3 reasons our Bird & Breakfast is the hanging bird feeder you want in your yard.

3  Reasons why our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder is THE Hanging Bird feeder you’ve been looking for:

1. It’s the Most-Convenient Bird Feeder You’ll Ever Own

You have far better things to do with your time than haul bulky bags of bird seed, fumble with funnels and scoops, and scrub bird poop off of perches. With our dual-patented feeder, ‘refilling’ and ‘cleaning’ become the same, instantaneous step.

Our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder uses our revolutionary easy-use En-Trays, which are basically “TV-dinners for birds.” The handy little bird seed trays allow you to ‘refill’ AND ‘clean’ simultaneously!

Just remove the film from the fresh seed tray, then use that film as a glove/cover to remove the old tray from the feeder. Then, holding the bottom of the feeder which has been shielded from the “poop” by the old tray, slide the clean, fresh En-Tray into the feeder.

BOOM! You’ve refilled your feeder and provided your cardinals with a fresh, clean feeding surface without any extra work for you.

CORRECTION: with less work for you overall, than just “refilling” a traditional bird feeder requires.

2. Our ‘EveryBirdy Loves It’ Premium Seed Blend is PACKED with Sunflower Seeds

Cardinals, finches, and chickadees LOVE sunflower seeds. That why’ we’ve filled our ‘EveryBirdy Loves It’ En-Tray with assorted sunflower seeds. Blue jays and woodpeckers go NUTS for peanuts! So our En-Trays are brimming with those, too! These En-Trays deliver exactly what a whole slew of your backyard birds want to eat. So rest assured, you’re all set for successful backyard bird feeding!

Bird & Breakfast Bird Seed

3. Big Birds Love Our Vaulted-Ceiling

A bird feeder isn’t very inviting if a bird has to squat-down to eat from it. From the get-go, we designed our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder to be roomy enough to comfortably accommodate a pair of blue jay. Cozy isn’t always comfy; spring for a feeder that doesn’t require you’re big birds to stoop over and they’ll thank you for it!

Blue jays eating from Mr. Canary Bird & Breakfast bird feeder

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Check out this video showing just how simple the Bird & Breakfast really is!

Proudly made by “Bad-asses Getting the Job Done” at The Arc of Greater Boone County in Lebanon, Indiana!

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