Convenience for you, environmental common-sense for all of us

Doing the right thing by our customers and our environment has gone hand-in-hand since Mr. Canary began WAY back in 1995. We prioritize responsible, sustainable sourcing and we are working towards an entirely American-sourced supply chain. Among our components, we have just two that are imported: Nyjer seed (which is not grown domestically) and the sock feeder textile (which must be imported; most textiles are produced outside the U.S). All other parts of Mr. Canary feeders are sourced in the U.S.A. All of the plastics used in the manufacture of our products are recyclable. The paperboard trays used for our ‘En-Trays’ are made from SFI-certified material, ensuring that sustainable and responsible forestry practices are used in harvesting the lumber.

Mr. Canary products are recyclable!

We believe in having your cake AND eating it too, which is why our convenience-based products are made in environmentally-responsible ways from materials that can easily be recycled.