Grandmas are SERIOUSLY the best! They cook the best food, they give the best hugs, and they give the best gifts! But, that really raises the bar when the time comes around for you to give her a present. If you buy her clothes, “what size, what color, what cut?” You can only gift so many framed pictures of yourself-her most favorite grandchild!  So what do you get grandma, the shining light of your whole family?! A bird feeder, duh.

Seriously!? A bird feeder as a gift?” Yes, seriously- but not just ANY bird feeder. We are talking the only bird feeder that gives grandma all of the birds, with none of the clean-up. This bird feeder is designed to minimize the effort spent maintaining a bird feeder, without sacrificing the nature benefits it brings.

Yes, it is true that ‘bird feeding’ is about as old as time itself, but humor us for a second. Practice an old theater trick for a moment, and ‘suspend your beliefs’. Imagine that something simple, and natural, could bring about a feeling of calm.  Imagine that simply having something to look out (and look up) to could pry your eyes away from the screen for a moment of two.  Imagine that watching creatures like birds, and squirrels, and chipmunks could break-up that internal self-talk long enough to reset and realize that things really aren’t as bad as they seem.


THAT is what we are talking about here! THAT is the unique gift your grandma will appreciate.

Now, not all bird feeders are created equal. The old-school bird feeders pawn-off the maintenance on to the user. We’ve fixed that! Our patented bird feeding system allows people to spend their time enjoying birds- rather than cleaning up after them. With our system there’s NO MORE: heavy lifting; orscoops; orfunnels; or, storage bins to keep rodents out of seed bags; orscrubbing dirty, gross feeding surfaces.

We eliminated the worst part of feeding birds, so our customers can focus on the best part: ENJOYING them! Give grandma a thoughtful gift that will help bring a simple, quiet peace to her day.