Whether you are shopping for someone who adores their pet bird, or for someone who loves watching wild birds, for those of us on the “outside”, it can be hard to know what bird-related gifts to buy when the holidays roll around.

Even the most dedicated birders will tell you that maintaining an outdoor wild bird feeder can be a real commitment. Frankly, when it is cold and blustery outside, it can be a downright chore. Old-school bird feeders pawn-off the maintenance to the user. We’ve fixed that! Our patented bird feeding system allows people to spend their time enjoying birds- rather than cleaning up after them. With our system there’s NO MORE: heavy lifting; orscoops; orfunnels; or, storage bins to keep rodents out of seed bags; orscrubbing dirty, gross feeding surfaces.

We eliminated the worst part of feeding birds, so our customers can focus on the best part: ENJOYING THE BIRDS! Give a thoughtful gift to your bird-loving loved one, today.