Give a bird feeder…for a gift?” Yep.

Silly presents are good for a quick laugh. Luxurious gifts can help someone feel pampered. But thoughtful gifts are the ones that make you feel loved, understood, and appreciated. When a loved one is sidelined with an illness or following surgery, it can be hard to find a gift that will add meaning and some uplift to their recovery.

That’s where bird feeders shine. Feeding birds is the 2nd Most Popular Hobby (after gardening) and is about as old as time itself. And it might be that the reason for its popularity has less to do with birds, than the people who feed them.

Here’s an old theater trick: for a moment, “suspend your beliefs.”

  • Imagine that something simple, and natural, could bring about a feeling of calm.
  • Imagine having a ‘target’ that causes you to pry your eyes away from a screen, and just look up for a moment of two.
  • Imagine that watching birds and squirrels, trees and flowers, sky and water, could disrupt your ‘worry rhythm’ long enough to reset and re-focus your attention.

That’s what happens when people connect with nature. It’s the gift that would be welcomed by anyone slogging through recovery, or anyone in need of inspiration and hope for better days. Nature, it turns out, is an all-natural, non-prescription anti-depressant. More and more researchers are documenting the way even the smallest interactions with nature boost our health. It lowers cortisol, reduces anxiety, improves sleep…’nature,’ we’re learning, is a body/mind Super (non)Drug.

Here’s the thing though: old-school bird feeders require significant maintenance So here’s something WAY easier. Our patented bird feeding system eliminates the hassles so people can spend their time enjoying birds- rather than cleaning up after them.

With our system there’s NO MORE:

  • heavy lifting; or,
  • scoops; or,
  • funnels; or,
  • storage bins to keep rodents out of seed bags; or,
  • scrubbing dirty, gross feeding surfaces.

With our system, you just remove the film from a clean, premium seed-filled tray and slide it into the permanent housing. When it’s empty, toss the tray into your recycle bin, and replace it with a new one. Simple, EASY, and hygienic feeding conditions with each refill.

We’ve eliminated the worst part of feeding birds, so you can focus on the best part: ENJOYING them!

Next time you’re looking for that ‘just-right’ gift, try The Mr. Canary Bird Feeder System. You won’t have to worry about size, age, or gender of the receiver; it’ll fit anyone.

And here’s the bonus: The only thing that feels better than receiving a thoughtful gift, is giving one.