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They’ll Still Love You If Your Gift Stinks, But Why Test That Theory?

Friends are the best! They add zest and joy to life that can’t be replaced. That doesn’t mean that Christmas shopping for them is easy. Before you go “down the rabbit hole” anguishing over “the perfect gift,” let’s take some time to get some perspective.

3  Things That Are True About Almost Everyone

1. People Are Busy

It’s common knowledge that almost everyone is busier than they wish they were. Chores pile up, calendars overflow, and days run long. Sound familiar?

2.People Are Addicted to Screens

No matter how many times we hear experts warn us about too much screen-time, most of us don’t do very well limiting it. Whether we find ourselves buried in our phones during dinner, or maybe we come out of our social media-coma to discover we’ve wasted an hour or more, if you have devices you need help offsetting their pitfalls.

3. People Don’t Give Themselves Enough Downtime

Most everybody has someone they are responsible to, or responsible for. By definition, these relationships mean that often times a person must sacrifice “little things” for the overall good. Usually, “personal time” is the first thing axed when any particular day doesn’t go according to plan. Burnout is real; if you’ve gone too long with setting aside personal time then you’ve probably experienced it.

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Your Friend Has Earned a Break. Multiple, Actually

What most people “need” is a fancy little thing the kids are calling, “self-care”. This is nothing new; it is just the tried-and-true reality that we all need to set aside time for ourselves to recharge. “A break”, is a succinct definition of self-care. Give the gift of daily “breaks” from life’s hustle and bustle!

How Is Bird Feeding “Self-Care”?

People don’t feed birds for the benefit of the birds. As a bird feeding company, we can prove this by charting our revenue cycle. IF it were all about being “nice” to the birds, people would spend more on feeding them in the winter when birds most benefit from it! Birds supplement their diet by visiting feeders; they don’t NEED us to feed them. So why do people spend their hard-earned dollars on bird feeding?

Because PEOPLE get something out of feeding birds. We get an excuse to ”look up” (probably from our phones) and “look out” beyond ourselves to appreciate the calm and beauty that nature has to offer. When we are busy, tired, and stressed, that little bird feeder in the yard provides a focal point for our frustration so that we can JUST TAKE A BREAK for a second. Afterwards, we feel just a little bit better and we press on. THAT is why people feed birds, and THAT is why anybody would love one of our super-easy, chore-free Bird & Breakfast bird feeders!

Don’t Give a Gift That Adds to Their Chore List

“Conventional” bird feeders require a lot out of those people who use them. They require you drive to the store to get supplies. They require you to haul a big, bulky bag of bird seed home. They require you to find space for a plastic storage tote to store that big bag of seed (unless you want to roll-the-dice with a rodent infestation.) Conventional feeders require you buy a funnel or a scoop so you don’t spill seed. They require you to scrub and clean your bird feeder on a regular basis, otherwise your birds could be spreading disease to each other just by visiting your feeder…On. And on. And on it goes.

Well, at Mr. Canary Company have changed that! Our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder was designed from it’s beginning to be an easier bird feeder. Two utility patents later, the US Patent Office has acknowledged our novel solution! Here is how we do it: “TV-Dinners for Birds!” We call them ‘En-Trays’.

Bird & Breakfast Bird Seed

These ingenious single-use, seed-filled trays mean that birds come, they eat, they poop (we’re friends, so we can speak frankly) and they leave an empty En-Tray behind. Instead of lugging out the storage tote, funnel, scoop, and the big, bulky bag of bird seed AND the mop bucket, the soap, the bleach, and the gloves…All your coworker will need is a fresh, sealed En-Tray! Which, by the way, weighs less than 2lbs.

To refill and “clean” our revolutionary bird feeder: unseal a fresh En-Tray. Use the plastic film as a glove to grab the empty En-Tray out of the feeder. Toss the empty tray in the recycling-bin. Hold the bottom of the feeder as you slide the fresh En-Tray into the feeder. ALL DONE! And, in a fraction of the time  that a “traditional” (that’s nice-talk for “boring”) bird feeder requires.

How could we make this new “method” of bird feeding any easier? -make it available on Amazon Prime! Happy Gifting!

Check out this video showing just how simple the Bird & Breakfast really is!

Proudly made by “Bad-asses Getting the Job Done” at The Arc of Greater Boone County in Lebanon, Indiana!

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