Have you ever noticed how many bird feeders hang there empty half the time? Why do you think people who like little birdies enough to buy a bird feeder in the first place let the food run out so often?


 If you’re a working person, a parent , or just someone who has a chore-list to get through every weekend, are you really going to clean a bird feeder every other week- in a bleach-bath? No. No you won’t. No, I don’t. Most other people don’t either. Add the heavy lifting, the hassles of trying to store seed away from rodents, fumbling with funnels, and messy spilled seed and it’s easy to see that traditional bird feeding is ANYTHING BUT  easy and convenient! We’ve come up with a better way to feed birds. Our year ’round easy bird feeding system uses “TV-Dinners” for birds to create a hassle-free, no-clean bird feeder!

In a nutshell, here is how it works:

Unseal the fresh En-Tray and slide it into the Bird Buffet. 

If you’re refilling; drop the used tray in the recycle bin on your way back in, grab a beverage, and enjoy a little nature!

Repeat as desired.


Seriously, with this easy bird feeding system, you will spend more time walking to-and-from your bird feeder than you’ll spend cleaning/refilling it!

We eliminated the worst part of feeding birds-the chore-laden maintenance– so you can focus on the best part: ENJOYING the birds! Keep some color, some nature- heck, keep some LIFE- in your yard all year ’round with a Mr. Canary Bird Buffet System! We’ve taken away your empty-feeder excuses, but we’ve given you so much more- YOU’RE WELCOME!