Bird & Breakfast Bird Feeder

Whether you call your little one “preschooler,” “toddler,” or “kid,” you  know how important it is to find ways for them to connect with nature. A bird feeder is a simple and effective tool for preschoolers to interact with the natural world right in their own yard. Read below for 3 reasons why our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder is perfectly-suited for little ones!
3 Reasons Why the Mr. Canary Bird&Breakfast Bird Feeder is Ideal for Young Kids

1. Preschoolers Thrive on ‘SIMPLE’

Simple concepts. Simple tasks. Simple instructions. If you really want your little one to glom onto a new activity, you want to remove as much of the superfluous, non-essential “stuff” as possible! Applied to feeding birds, this means that you want to focus on F-E-E-D-I-N-G B-I-R-D-S. Can’t you hear it now, “Mom, what’s a funnel?” “Dad, how come we need a plastic container to store bird seed?” “Can I carry that (20lb) bag of bird seed?”

With our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder, there is no extra equipment, no bulky bags of seed, and no need to “explain” anything other than why feeding birds makes us happy. Isn’t that what it should be about?

2. Kids and Bird Poop Don’t (Shouldn’t) Mix

If you’re parenting infants and toddlers, poop is a daily topic in your house. Even when you aren’t dealing with it directly, you’re hearing about it because, ‘poop,’ as children learn early, is a word that gets adult attention, pronto. That’s because adults know it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep children and poop apart; in other words, it’s Hygiene 101. In the same way you know it’s important to keep toddlers from playing in the toilet, you know intuitively that keeping them away from traditional poop-dotted bird feeders is an equally-good call.

So, can a preschooler safely refill a bird feeder without having to touch poo?

Yes! Our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder, with its easy-use En-Trays, allow your little helper to participate as they learn about nature. To expose the seed in the tray, unseal it with a gentle pull of the corner tab. Using the removed film as a kind of ‘oven mitt’ to grip the used tray, they simply slide it out of the feeder, and toss into a recycle bin. Then, holding onto the bottom of the feeder, they slide the clean, fresh En-Tray back into the feeder.

Two steps: 1. Slide-out the used tray and toss in the recycle bin. 2. Slide-in the fresh tray.

Since the trays, themselves, are made of highly sustainable material, it’s a Parenting, and Bird, and Environmental WIN! And the big fat bonus: it’s an important connection to nature… and each other; two essentials for optimal health.

3. Easy-Access Bird Feeder = Easy-Viewing of Lots of Birds

We should also be honest about our beloved preschoolers- odds are good that their attention span isn’t suited for “slow” bird watching. They needs lots of birds, in lots of colors, viewable at lots of angles. Our Bird & Breakfast bird feeder checks all of those boxes, and then some!

Bonus reason: Lily Vouches for the Bird & Breakfast !

3 year old toddler, Lily, holding a Bird & Breakfast bird feeder

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