Seriously!? A bird feeder as a gift?” Yes, seriously- but not just ANY bird feeder. We are talking the only bird feeder that gives you all of the birds, with none of the bother. When so many of us are running around feeling overworked and over-stressed, gifts that reduce anxiety and help us “recenter” can go a long way to tangibly improving our day-to-day lives.

More and more people are coming to appreciate the need for a “Tech-Life Balance”- the idea that WE ALL need a break from our screens on a regular basis. Many people are jumping in kayaks, hiking, exploring the woods, camping, fishing, and hunting on the weekends! The problem comes when it’s time to “head back to work”. Too many of us go a whole week (or longer) consumed by the demands of our daily life, to the point where we forget to inject a little nature-based reprieve into our schedule. That is what bird feeding can offer you.

Many of our competitors offshore the manufacturing of their products because it’s cheaper. Mr. Canary Company believes in American manufacturing. We celebrate the inspiring power of American entrepreneurship. We understand that WORK provides an essential component to our well-being, self-worth and ability to contribute. Heck, if jobs only offered us something else to complain about, they’d satisfy a need nothing else fills, right? Seriously, it’s hard to overstate the importance of work in people’s lives; that’s why all of our bird feeders have been made right here in the USA since 1995.

Let’s set aside our competitors’ love for offshoring; still, not all bird feeders are created equal. The old-school bird feeders pawn-off the maintenance to the user. We’ve fixed that! Our patented bird feeding system allows people to spend their time enjoying birds- rather than cleaning up after them. With our system there’s NO MORE: heavy lifting; orscoops; orfunnels; or, storage bins to keep rodents out of seed bags; orscrubbing dirty, gross feeding surfaces.

We eliminated the worst part of feeding birds, so our customers can focus on the best part: ENJOYING them! Give a thoughtful gift that will help bring a simple, quiet peace to your overworked, over-stressed loved one’s day, while supporting products proudly “Made in America!”