Mr. Canary­® Nyjer Finch Feeder 12-ct.


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  • 12pk/1ct: 8 oz Nyjer feeders with perches
  • Made of 100% recylcled/recyclable material
  • It comes with seed already inside so there’s no guessing about what kind and how much
  • It’s extremely user-friendly, just take it out of the package, insert the perch and hang it up
  • You can recycle OR re-use it, so if you don’t happen to be into cleaning your birdfeeder more than you clean your house (as bird experts recommend) you don’t have to
  • It’s affordably priced
  • Goldfinch LOVE it because it’s filled with the 100% Nyjer seed, the Finch Favorite
  • Proudly Made in America!



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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 3.875 x 17 x 11.5 in