A Pair and a Spare, PLUS Bonus

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It’s the same old story: you buy a bird feeder, hang it in your yard, beautiful birds gather outside your window and then…you want MORE!


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A Pair of Birdfeeders for YOU…and One to Share With a Friend – Plus a Bonus!

Did you know the average birder has 2.7 bird feeders hanging in their yard? When it comes to feeding birds, it appears true bird lovers believe “it takes a village” to satisfy their cravings. We’re all about making your hobby easy and convenient so how about this package:

  • The Mr. Canary® MORE! Variety2-Pack, featuring two complete and filled feeders, and a single Original Mr.Canary® Finch Feeder for sharing with a friend – WIN/WIN!  Plus, we’re going to throw in a FREE Mr. Canary® Sock Feeder. The uber trendy zebra print on our newest Mr.Canary®  product really puts the ‘wild’ in wild bird seed; all you have to do is add seed which you can find at any garden store or hardware.

Go ahead, get MORE! You know you deserve it.


  • Mr.Canary® MORE! Variety 2-Pack containing two complete, ready to hang 8 oz. feeders; 1 with 100% Nyjer and 1 Fancy Mix

  • Original Mr.Canary® Finch Feeder, 8 oz. Nyjer

  • FREE Mr. Canary® Zebra Print Sock Feeder


2 reviews for A Pair and a Spare, PLUS Bonus

  1. 3 out of 5

    What a cool little bird. See what do I know I thuohgt it looked like a sparrow. Thanks for inroducing me to a new bird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these little guys, though an adorable verdin just came by and sat by the window!

  2. 3 out of 5

    It COULD be a Cassin’s Finch, which looks almost ectxaly like a purple finch, except with a bit more brown around the back collar, which this little cutie seems to have.

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