Calm Taking time to stay in one place and focus your eyes towards the nature “happening” outside the window provides a quick mental rest… until your phone buzzes again and jolts you back to your busy life.

Intergenerational Bonding Just sayin’, grandparents and grandkids have had some pretty cool conversations, that began with sitting in the yard, sipping some iced tea, and watching birds.

Learning What begins with noticing different birds’ colors, grows into knowing individual birds by their subtle markings and their not-so-subtle attitudes. This enhances your observation skills which pay off when you start noticing other stuff, like your wife’s new hairstyles.

Upbeat Mood Nothing inspires a “can-do,” “conquer-the-world” attitude like watching a squirrel fearlessly, and single-mindedly test ways to achieve its goals-even if its goal is to get to your birdfeeder.

Mindfulness  When you notice birds, you also begin noticing trees, flowers, squirrels, clouds, and that neighbor whose leaf-blower you still need to return.

Be happier.
Be calmer.
Be better.
Be a birder.

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