It really takes a village to run a small company, and you will be a stronger company if you reach out and exercise people’s gifts. Below are the people that make our company an ongoing success!


The Mr. Canary Team

Nathaniel O’Dell

VP Mr. Canary Direct



 Diane Koers

Diane Koers, “The Peachtree Lady”

Bookkeeping ‘Sister’

The Arc of Greater Boone County- Lebanon, IN
Birdfeeder Manufacturers Extraordinaire










Additional Assists From: 

Lola Long
Security Superintendant, Carmel

Ozzie Long
Director of Treats and Naps, Carmel

No matter its size, security is a major concern for every business. With two locations and a small budget to consider, we’ve made the thoughtful choice of O&L Guard Dogs for Jan’s Carmel, Indiana office. Though it may appear that this crack protection team is laying down on the job (so to speak), rest assured at the slightest noise Lola will snap to attention with a racket that sounds as if she’s been pierced, waking the somewhat-vigilant Ozzie, and both will speed to the door to give any would-be intruder a good licking! And, for no additional charge, Ozzie will eat the lunch of any person who is unexpectedly called away from their desk.