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Jan Long – President

Jan Long, co-founder of Mitchell Marketing Group, Inc., currently owns and operates  ‘The Mr. Canary Company’.

When Jan and her sister Christina Mowery began their company in 1995, they had no idea where their journey would lead. They knew everything would work out 1.) because, they were raised to believe they could do anything, and 2.) they didn’t waste time trying to identify the “how” and “when”. Christina has since retired from Mr. Canary, but both Jan and Chrisitna are proud of our products and they are proud of the workers who make them. Embracing an innovative business model in which Mr. Canary subcontracts the sourcing, assembly, packaging, and shipping of its products to a human services organization’s workshop in their hometown of Marion, Indiana, Jan is energized knowing that the Mr. Canary brand supports over 100 workers with disabilities having meaningful work.