Customer Testimonials


“Living in a rural part of Northwest Ohio, we have a host of finches that live in our woods: goldfinch, house finch and even a few indigo buntings. Over the years I have bought and tried many finch feeders ~ open-work wire tubes, thick and thin plastic tubes with various types of finch feeding holes, flat feeders and thistle socks. In every case, the seeds become wet from rain, clump up and eventually turn moldy.
One day this summer I saw a display of Mr. Canary finch feeders at Krogers Supermarket and gave one a try. Now, that is the only type of finch feeder I buy. The seeds stay dry until the tube has been emptied because it has only two small feeding holes. I am delighted that there is no waste of the seeds, since thistle is expensive. And the bottom of the feeder screws out if either of the holes gets plugged. Could not be easier!

I feed our finches year-round with several Mr. Canary feeders in both the west and south portions of our yard, and they are always busy with birds. I think the company offers the best finch feeders on the market.”


– Jenise Templin, from Weston, Ohio


“I found my first Mr. Canary product at the local grocery store when I was looking for a replacement finch sock for our outdoor space. I just loved the Mr. Canary “Pair of Socks” I found on the shelf – as decorative as they are functional, and with two finch socks in the package for a great price! My little boy, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has a significant interest in backyard birds, and drawing them to our home is a necessary past-time to fuel his interest, and feed his love for these little creatures. It wasn’t until I got home and read the back of our finch socks’ box that I realized what a special company Mr. Canary is. Their products are “produced in America by workers with disabilities”, which they “acknowledge with great pride and endless gratitude”. Not only do they create excellent products, they have a heart for special people. With gratitude to the Mr. Canary Company for pairing two of our family’s passions into a company that feeds the birds and so much more… Thank you for all that you do!”


– Jen, from Ohio


Jeanette Testimonial Letter Jeanette Testimonial Envelope 2

“Speaking on behalf of my beautiful gold finches, I want to tell you how much they enjoy your feeders. I didn’t realize how much until four of my seventeen feeders were destroyed by a bear this past october.

I could not find more of your feeders and had to replace them with another type. I noticed the only time the finches visited the replacements were when your feeders were empty.

I love Mr. Canary because they are Made in America by the Disabled. Mr. Canary is for the birds and the birds are for Mr. Canary.”


Thank you!

– Jeanette, from New Jersey